The rush of ideas

What does Web 2.0 mean to me? Recently, just a rush of ideas –  I’ve gotten back in touch with that time of life when my heart would beat faster, and I’d forget to eat, and I’d ignore everything for an idea, running around, trying to explain it to anyone who’d listen (got lots of blank stares as a kid. my sister at one point declared that I could no longer communicate with normal people).

And the thing is – its not really an online thing. Its an offline thing powered by an online thing. Twitter, TED, BIL, FOWA, Startup Weekend, Bar Camp – these don’t happen on line – they’re shared online. They spread that way. I meet someone (like Brian Williams at Viget Labs) and he points me to someone (like Andrew Hyde) who points me to someone like Micah or Laura Fitton, and life gets more and more interesting.  I have a crush on every person and idea. And suddenly just showing up has power. Everyone’s an amplifier.

I’m missing BIL this week (not to mention FOWA and SWSX, abd TED), and I’m profoundly disappointed. I can’t wait to see what a wiki organized, only organically promoted and organized event can actually produce. I think it will be life-changing for the people who go.


  1. Hey, what about meeting me? 😉 I think I am somewhat partially responsible for you meeting at least 3 of the 4 people mentioned above.

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