Government Collaboration

Last week i had the good fortune to be a speaker at the Potomac Forum’s workshop on Social Media in Government.  (My slides are at the bottom of the post.) The workshop was an interesting mix  of speakers and an audience of people who have spent their careers in service to our country in one form or another.

A few takeaways:

1. A lot of people in the government are excited about moving forward with Obama’s agenda of a transparent, collaborative government.

2. Existing policies around procurement and communication relevant to this area are a mix of things that seem very sound once you get to know them, and some that need updating.

4. There are some very innovative people in government who are pulling people together to get things done, and I look forward to contributing what I can.

5. You can see the speaker’s slides at the ClickforHelpSite: Jefferey Levy, Dan Philpot, Dan Mintz, Ken Fisher and Alex Koudrey’s contributions ranged from the abstract concept of social media to specific ways to plan blogs and specific policies for managing content and comments.

6. has 5,000 interested government and gov-wannabes signed up to keep each other informed and work through some of the hairy issues.

7. If you are considering using social media in government, you should read this.

8. The Potomac Forum and my friend Ken Fisher(click for help) both work very hard to make certain the workshop is useful for people.

Here are my slides from the event. My angle is that social media can do a lot to make an organization more effective on the inside – not just in its relationship with its audience.


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