SlideShare: decks on a higher plane

I’ve become a slideshare addict.

More accessible and interactive than TED and with a much higher signal to noise ration than twitter, it is my latest go to place for ideas and information.

I mean look at these things – they are gorgeous. And it used to be that the only way you could share this type of info is if you were a guest speaker or in a conference room. No more – now your best ideas can be shared in a vivid way more broadly. More dynamic than text, less complex to deal with than video, power point is my native toungue. I take notes and offer notes in ppt. Sick, I know, but I’ve always done it. It handles, text, tables, pics and links more easily than anything else I’ve used.

I’ve been so inspired by some of these, I’ve actually emailed their authors – and the authors have been kind enough to respond.

So – check them out. TED and SlideShare have raised the bar. Our crappy, wordy slides with lame clip art will simply not do anymore.

I loved this one especially, on a subject near to my heart. Let me know your favorite. Please!


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