Transparency Camp – Good and good for you

I’ve just arrived home from an abbreviated day at Transparency Camp 09.

1. Sunlight and iStrategy Labs did a phenomenal job of organizing.

2. Caliber of attendees was surprisingly high

3. Number of people i recognized also surprisingly high. – about 500 attendees in all, I think.

4. Based on a quick conversation after the kickoff – i put up a topic on the board that I\’d run: \”What can transparency accomplish?\”

5. 5 min before the start there were 2 pple there and one left. One min after the start time, all 20 chairs were filled, and pple hanging on periphery

6. I asked the question: saying its about anti-corruption is aiming too low. So what is it about.

7. Quality and diversity of answers stunned (to be published soon, awaiting photos of whiteboard.) From enrichment to participation to trust to everything – prob 30 or 40 diff elements.

Here are the raw photos of the Whiteboard from our session, courtesy of Ellen Scully-Russ. Processed version coming soon.

8. Follow up question – so do we have to tune what we do to focus on one or more of these potential outcomes?

9. Session tomorrow scheduled to follow up to answer this.

10. Had to leave to relieve hubby so he can go to work. 😦

10. Thank you so much for sharing – can\’t wait to see you again.


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