4 big shifts, one fundamental concept and a product

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This week was completely taken up by Content World – the Open Text massive annual user group meeting. Met great people, learned a lot. Totally fried today. I had the chance, while there to participate in several panel discussions and give a couple of talks. One on why people don’t share, and how to improve sharing in the organization, and another on social collaboration, why it is increasingly important for organizations today, and how Open Text Social Workplace supports it.

I’ve included the slides here for your perusal:



  1. Hey Deb it was great to catch up at Content World and also speak on the panel.

    This is a great presentation, I knew I shouldn’t have missed it…it clashed with another one…drats!

    Love the slides about wicked problems and teams (just read your posts on this), and the fallacy of reductionism, uncertainty/flux and adhoc swarming.

    I’ve been following Dave Snowden for quite a while on complex adaptive systems…which I think is the real enterprise 2.0
    I got the quote from the above link from this must read post

    Snowden calls “crews” these rapid forming/swarming adhoc teams

    What about social teams, and how they differ from communities…I think social workplace goes beyond the original concept of communities and is also a platform for the agile formation of social teams

    I like slide 8 that shows the movement from to spontaneous ad-hoc teams, here’s snowden’s take on this

    But what I mostly wanted to mention is that I noticed an Open Text presentation by Alison Clarke about “Case Management” which also converges with your talk of adhoc and uncertainty, and also converges with km/knowledge worker/sensemaking

    I’d be interested in your thoughts of the new concept called “Adaptive Case Management”
    I posted on it here…it’s a mega post so scroll down to the heading “Adaptive Case Management”

    …which leads into this post

    As usual there are enough links here to drown you…John

    1. John – thanks for the panel and the fabulous links. I’m also a big fan of Snowden. And you’ll be pleased to hear that Allison and I have indeed spoken at length. I need to read some of these others more to respond/share. It was really great to have met you IRL and hope we can continue our conversation – I always learn something.

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