We’re not talking mobile anymore – we’re living it

Mobile is as much a part of my life as yours, but its not something I’m any kind of expert in. Nonetheless, CMSWire asked if I had something to contribute on that topic. Here are my thoughts:

It used to be about “mobile access” but that’s not it anymore. Our portable devices are now access, participation and creation devices. The rise of the decent camera on the phone and the ease with which pictures and video can be posted, tweeted and even emailed or texted has made us all photojournalists, inspectors and, most importantly, actors in our own stories.

Two Truths About Mobile, Three Personal Stories to Prove Them

It’s a Mobile World

This has a dramatic impact in every sphere of life from the personal — where I can document the charming antics of my children and share them with whomever is in my address book, to the professional — where I can scout locations and send back information to the team, to the political — as we watch the map of the Middle East and Africa redraw the in real time.

It is no longer enough to look up the meeting room schedule at a conference — you must be able to update it or even relocate it from your pocket while standing in a random corner of the convention center.


Read more here.



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