5 reasons I admire JSB and you should come to breakfast

John Seely-Brown has had a deep impact on what and how I’ve been thinking in the last year or so, and I wanted to share it with you, here in this blog and at the breakfast OpenText is sponsoring in San Francisco on October 18th.

JSB, as he likes to be known, is an author, an academic, a consultant, and, what my mother would call a “mensch”. Here’s 5 reasons I wanted him to be a part of this series, and why you should join or tune in on October 18th.

1. First, this keynote video below – its longer than a TED talk, but I promise that you’ll consider every minute very well worth it. In it he builds out ideas of a world “in constant flux” and the new forms of “extreme learning” that it both enables and necessitates. Watch it really.

2. He’s the next speaker in our speaker series on the role of purpose in the organization – because he has thought and researched deeply about intrinsic motivation, incentive systems, learning organizations, organizational design and facing new challenges.

3. When I spoke to him last friday in preparation for this talk, we began talking about learning, and he offered to give a free copy of his book to every attendee – provided we help him carry them up from his car. Which, of course, I’m delighted to do.

4. He sees both sides of the issue – what’s happening culturally, and how that should and will disrupt how we use technology. He is an early cloud computing scientist and architect.

5. Spend 5 minutes with him, and you’ll understand – he genuinely wants to talk and think about these issues. He’s not simply pushing his books or an agenda. He is generous and speaks softly but with great impact. He will ignite your intellectual pilot light. Promise.

Watch the video – you will love it, and come join us in San Francisco or watch it live online.



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