Its NOT just another marketing channel

Herein, I do not talk about feelings, humanity, the good of the universe. I am just saying that if you are a marketer and you want to do something social – even if you dont really get it – you must at least understand that social marketing is not transactional like advertising. Advertising model is I brag, or dangle a jewel hopefully you click and buy. That’s it.

If you want a SOCIAL campaign, however, you need to earn attention by speaking to a mutual interest between you and the people you want to engage. And then, you have to assume that they aren’t going to just see your website and buy your product. If you’ve done a good enough job, they’ll be willing to engage or participate and invite you to let them know when more good stuff happens.

That’s the pattern you want to set up. HEre are a few slides in which I talk not about the philosophy (for a change) but the most basic mechanics of marketing in the social world. I plan to follow up with great examples of this in action. If you have some – or others that you think prove my simple story wrong, please share them with me. Thanks.


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