Counterpoint: The 10 SocMed Archetypes you meet in heaven (and in my twitterstream)

A counterpoint to yesterday’s snark.

  1. Fascinating Story Teller – these are the people who take information, insight, expertise, data and examples and weave a story in such a way that the learning embeds itself directly in your brain. We adore these guys. We aspire to be these guys.
  2. Framework guy – these are the ones who’ve been poring over changes and developments and give us a clear, reliable framework for thinking about things. They are rarely rigid, and always help move the discussion forward.
  3. Helpful Guy/Gal – these are the ones who answer your questions, retweet your posts, build your confidence.
  4. Graphics god. – you know who you are.
  5. Broad perspectives gal/guy – these are the polymaths who connect the dots and create analogies and possibilities for us to consider…
  6. Willing to put it out there dude – these men and women are not doing what anyone else is doing and they could be ignored or ridiculed for it. But they are following their interests and abilities somewhere that will pay off for the rest of us
  7. The Data Daredevils – these are people following up, collecting and devising ways to prove, disprove and re-frame our collective hypotheses.
  8. Connectors – Hey @joescience, have you met @collab101? You guys will have lots to talk about.
  9. Curation Gods and Goddesses – these are the people who read so broadly and drink so deeply, and they share just the most amazing stuff so everyone can share their excitement
  10. Questers – these are people on a journey – they learn, listen, share and build. They aspire to imagine and invent a future that’s more awesome than any we’ve yet imagined.

If I know you, you should recognize yourself in at least one of these. Thanks for sharing.

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