I have been studying the dynamics of social media, marketing and the  culture and technology of collaborative teams for nearly 18 years, while working in product marketing and strategy for companies as diverse as AOL and Adobe. I have helped organizations deliver big impact for consumers, enterprise, government, and VCs. I am currently Vice President of  Marketing at Jostle.

I am also currently working on my first book about technology marketing. Its going to be great.

I think there are four questions that need to be answered about an organization:

1. Why does it matter?

2. How is your team building that matter?

3. How will you bring that story  and value to the market?

4. How can you generate revenue from the value you’ve created?

If any of these topics are of interest to you, then we should talk.  Please connect with me here, on twitter @deb_lavoy or via email deb at productfour dot com.

The views expressed here are strictly my own.

head shot of deb lavoy



  1. Hi Deb,

    For some reason the subscribe in a reader button is sending me to past RSS feed. The +Google button is working though. Just thought I’d like you know.

    BTW, I have enjoyed your posts. Very insightful.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Deb – just read your article on cmswire. I’m organizer of Meetups on #e20 and I do run an internal podcast on “Working and Learning in an Enterprise 2.0” – So I would love to have an interview with you. Any chance to talk? Please send a short note. Thanks, Jens

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