I’m very thankful

Tis the season.

I’m thankful for my children’s health, and my husband’s compassion. I’m grateful for my sisters who have loved me my whole life. I’m grateful for my old friends who’s affection never fades no matter how much time passes between visits, letters and calls.

I’m grateful for our brand new home in Virginia and our old one back in California. I’m grateful that I got to see the Grand Canyon again, and for Harry Potter on CD.

I’m grateful for the community of adventurous professionals I’ve met in Virginia, who have allowed me to tag along and become part of the scene. I’m grateful to be living in interesting times. I’m grateful for my clients, my computer that rarely fails me, and my eliptical trainer. I’m grateful for yoga, surfing, jogging and central heat. And central air. And indoor plumbing.

I’m grateful for starbucks. And the incredibly golden-leafed tree outside my office window. I’m grateful for Janet Evanovich novels. I’m grateful for the fantastic recipe for maple-glazed turkey that I’ve been making every year since college. I’m grateful for Milan Kundera, JD Salinger, Mark Twain, Tom Robbins, Gunter Grass, JK Rowling, Motzart, and The Clash.

I’m grateful that my sister’s a good cook. I’m grateful for chocolate in every form. I’m grateful that my children have good teachers. For that matter, I’m grateful for my education, public education, civil rights, religious freedom and the mature democracy that we live in. I’m very greatful for ibuprofen. And antibiotics. I’m grateful to Enoch Choi who donates his time to great causes.

I’m grateful for the wave of technology democratization that we are living through. I am grateful for spell-check. I am grateful for macaroni and cheese, my daughter’s sense of humor, and my husbands energy. I am grateful for all the people who remember my birthday. I am grateful for takeout.

I am grateful to you for reading this blog, and wish, with the deepest sincerity, that you also have a good home, a fulfilling occupation, people who you love that you, bad habits, good habits, simple luxuries and the other various sundries that make our short, fragile lives lush with pleasure and opportunity.